The Ancient Secrets of a Royal Triad - DECODED - Jayavarman, Indradevi and Jayarajadevi

DISCOVER the facts hidden in plain sight at Angkor

NEW and Non-Fiction DISCOVER the facts hidden in plain sight at Angkor! Read and Explore the True, Untold Story of an Ancient Royal Triad!

Questions left unanswered in current history books about King Jayavarman VII, Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi include: What were their royal emblems? What did these royals look like? What disruptive political changes did they make that ultimately cost them their lives? Who betrayed them? Who loved them? Where did they live? What was the kingdom flag? Now, the answers to these and other questions have been discovered, sculpted in stone on the structures and temples of Angkor Thom and its vicinity.

This pocket size book is packed with new, unexpected, and unusually simple content, details, photos, proofs and insights. It introduces a practical and logical approach to revisiting the Angkorian era and exploring Angkor Park. It follows a simple logic with clear, visual evidence to unravel contemporary mysteries and to solve an ancient crime. It chronicles the rise of an enlightened, civilized society to its tumultuous collapse, which to the unimaginably tragic and perverse fate of its altruistic founders: King Jayavarman, Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi. This Royal Triad endowed women with power and people with rights at the cost of their own lives and the damnation of their souls. It is the result of an intensive three-year investigation, many mini-expeditions and research project conducted by the author, Phalika Ngin, a Khmer native. These findings can be easily explored and revisited by tourists, locals or any visitor in Angkor Thom, Bayon, Preah Khan, Ta Prohm, Naraka, at the Royal Pool and the Royal Pavilion, Banteay Kdei, Banteay Chhmar and Phnom-Penh, Cambodia.

It is the missing, epic story of three amazingly courageous, ancient heroes fighting for social justice.

Decode the messages of the images in real time and on site on the carvings of the Angkorian temples.

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